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Fire Alarm Control Panel NFS-320
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Fire Alarm Control Panel NFS-320

Fire alarm control panels (FACPs) relay fire detection and response communications between detectors, alarms, suppression systems, and monitoring stations. 
Traditional FACPs are hardwired to each device in the system. The panel recognizes when the current or resistance on a circuit increases from the activation of a detection appliance, such as a smoke, heat, or flame detector or a manual call station. Wireless panels and accompanying devices are radio-linked.  
A panel accordingly triggers visual, auditory, and occasionally other types of notification devices to alert inhabitants of an emergency situation; this most often results in the building's evacuation. Important and invaluable structures will have a fire suppression system consisting of water sprinklers, dry or wet chemical dispersal systems, or a gas blanketing system. Simultaneously the panel informs a monitoring center of the alarm status and individuals at the receiving location determine ensuing procedures. The panel can also control HVAC systems, building automation controllers, access points, and elevators to isolate the fire or route personnel during an emergency.

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