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Fire Suppresion System Kidde CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
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Fire Suppression System Kidde CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fire Suppression System is an automatic fire extinguishing system using CO2 gas. This system is a combination of a device of early detection system (fire alarm) and device of system of action (blackout) which can work simultaneously automatically
In certain cases CO2 Suppression System can also be operated analogously (manual) if the early detection device or electrical system is interrupted.
CO2 Fire Suppression System consists of 3 important parts:
CO2 gas.
CO2 hardware: Cylinder, Valve, Nozzle and its accessories.
Detection System: Fire Alarm, Smoke Detector, Alarm Bell and accesorisorisnya.

Advantages of CO2 Fire Suppression System:
Can be installed in open spaces and enclosed spaces.
Clean, leave no residue,
Do not damage the protected equipment.
Fast in extinguishing the fire.
Accurate in detection.
Works automatically.
Installation is easy and economical.

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