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Kitche Fire Suppresion System Range Guard
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Kitche Fire Suppresion System Range Guard

Kitchen Fire Suppression System is an automatic fire extinguishing system for Kitchen area.
Kitchen is an area that has a high fire potential because in the kitchen there are combustible materials such as oil, gas LPG, electricity and the presence of fire media in activities in the kitchen. So it is very important to install a fire prevention system called Kitchen Protection Fire Suppression System. The blackout medium used by Range Guard Kadalah Wet Chemical from Karbaloy
Advantages Range Guard Kitchen Suppression System:
Wearing Karbaloy Wet Chemical which is the world's first chemical production and more than 40 years of experience in Kitchen Protection.
Easy to clean.
Clean, no residue or contamination in the kitchen.
Not damaging equipment in the kitchen.
No profit is lost because there is no business interruption.

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